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    The place to find the most exciting trends in medical technology, and to share all your innovative ideas. Whether you’re interested in flying drones for medical transportation, technology to draw blood needle-free or you have other ideas to disrupt the medical industry - we’d love to chat about it!

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    About us

    ML Innovation Hub is the new member of the Medical Logistics family! Our team has an immense amount of valuable experience in the medical transportation industry and we're always on the lookout for new developments. This is why ML Innovation Hub was born, as a place to disrupt the industry and create a better future together. Come talk to us!



    Green technology

    Healthcare innovation

    Software development

    We truly believe that drones are the future of medical transportation, which is why we're on a mission to fly our first drone next year for the purposes of blood sample delivery. If you are interested in this idea and you would like to collaborate, please do reach out. Let’s create the future and disrupt the medical industry together!

    At ML Innovation Hub we are exploring green technology to improve medical transportation and contribute to a greener future. We have already tested electric bicycles and scooters, however, we’ve noticed that technology isn’t developed enough for the needs in our sector. We currently use electric cars but we want to keep exploring other options. If you’re interested in green technology, please reach out.

    We’re currently working on various projects such as using devices to take your blood and check potassium levels needle-free. We’re always excited to hear about new ideas to improve this sector while reducing the stress for patients. We want to improve the experience of routine tests and medical procedures. If you work in this industry and have some exciting ideas, get in touch!

    We are continuously experimenting with a variety of software solutions to improve healthcare and medical logistics. Recently, we’ve been working on developing a piece of software which automates the courier control of daily deliveries. We'd love to offer it to any interested companies in the industry. This technology will replace courier controllers and allow for a smoother and more efficient delivery process! If this sounds like something you’d be interested in getting involved in, please get in touch.

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